After a major manhunt, suspect Frank James was apprehended. James is suspected of killing 10 people and wounding 18 others at a Brooklyn subway station while wearing a gas mask. Five people are critically ill, but they are expected to recover.

In federal court, James was charged with violating 18 USC section 1992 A7 and B, which outlaws terrorist and other violent acts on public transportation networks. He could spend the rest of his life in jail.

During a news conference announcing James’ arrest, New York City Mayor Eric Adams remarked, “We got him.”

James has a history of posting racist and upsetting films on YouTube. He’s also been arrested nine times between 1992 and 1998.

On YouTube, James posted a number of videos in which he discusses his aggressive black nationalist ideas. He voiced dissatisfaction with Justice Ketanji Jackson’s white husband.

Big companies like Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, it appears, haven’t bothered to restrict or delete this type of hate speech and violence encouragement.

The gunman was described as a Black man wearing an MTA uniform, a gas mask, and carrying a bookbag, according to witnesses.

At the same area, many undetonated devices were discovered. Officials with the New York Police Department stated they were looking for James to see whether he was involved in the attack. At the time, NYPD Chief of Detective James Essig said, “We are seeking to ascertain if he has any relation” to the incident.