Former Georgia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on Sunday visited three Black churches in Norfolk, Va., to campaign for former Democratic Governor Terry McAuliffe in his second run for the office.

Abrams also joined McAuliffe outside an early voting station for a rally. She told Virginians to vote, saying “what you say in 2021 will show the world who we are in 2022 and 2024 and beyond.”

Abrams told a church audience that although she used to believe that combining politics and church was wrong, her parents told her that the two always intersect. She also said her mother would tell her that “politics is always in the church” and that her father would call the Bible “one of the most intense political texts ever written.”

Abrams is the latest prominent Democratic figure to campaign with McAuliffe as the race against Republican Glenn Youngkin has shown to be in a dead heat in recent weeks. The Cook Political Report last month switched the race from “leans Democratic” to “toss-up.”

First Lady Jill Biden recently campaigned for McAuliffe. Former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden plan to as well. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris is featured in a pro-McAuliffe video that will be shown at 300 Virginia churches.