In recent weeks, Amazon has banned Black Lives Matter from its donation platform due to worries about the group’s finances.

The group was kicked out of the AmazonSmile program because it didn’t meet Amazon’s non-profit guidelines.

Unfortunately, this group has fallen out of compliance with the guidelines in multiple jurisdictions, so we’ve had to remove them from the program temporarily until they get back in compliance, according to an Amazon spokesman.

BLM’s 2020 tax filings are the source of concern. After establishing its own organization and obtaining $66.5 million from Thousand Currents, the company through which it began, the organization has yet to completely reveal its finances.

“Given the money involved here, this is really unbelievable,” CharityWatch Executive Director Laurie Styron mentioned.

She further added, “To not know who is in charge of $60+ million collected by the national charity arm of arguably the most prominent social justice movement in the country is the worst transparency issue I have seen in my 18 years as a charity watchdog.”

It’s worth noting that the group’s top three leaders in 2020 have all since resigned.

Furthermore, the Elias Law Group, a legal firm owned by Marc Elias, who was also involved in Hillary Clinton’s previous presidential campaign, is participating in the group’s disclosure.

Concerning elements are still causing problems for the organization less than two years after George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis halted its national expansion.