Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., showed up to one of the most elite events in the country, Monday’s Met Gala in New York City, wearing a strapless white dress with the words “tax the rich” in red lettering on the back side.

Some praised AOC, who considers herself a democratic socialist, for her bravery on her messaging to tax the rich at a meeting of the rich; however, most of the elite attending the event do not get charged the ticket prices up to $35,000 — instead getting invited to showcase fashion for free — Newsweek reported.

Townhall columnist Marina Medvin was not sold, tweeting:

“‘Tax the rich’ says AOC’s dress … at the Met Gala … where tickets cost $30,000. But AOC doesn’t mean them; she means you. You’re rich. Because you work. Tax you. That’s the reality. The Met Gala guys get tax breaks. You don’t.”

Another Twitter critic pointed out the irony of bringing an anti-elitist messenger joyfully joining the elite at the gala:

“A table at the Met Gala costs around $275,000 and an individual ticket costs $30,000.

“If @AOC hates the rich so much, why is she attending an event that only the wealthiest people in America can afford to attend?

“I wonder if any journalists will do their job and ask her.”

Vogue did ask her designer Aurora James, founder and creative director of Brother Vellies and the founder of the 15 Percent Pledge, which calls on retailers to commit 15% of their shelves to Black-owned businesses.

“We can never get too comfortable in our seats at the table once they’ve been given,” James told Vogue. “We must always continue to push ourselves, push our colleagues, push the culture and push the country forward. Fashion is changing, America is changing. And as far as this theme goes, I think Alexandria and I are a great embodiment of the language fashion needs to consider adding to the general lexicon as we work towards a more sustainable, inclusive, and empowered future.”

Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy tweeted a message on the apparent display of hypocrisy:

“‘Tax the Rich’……But first I’m gonna go have the time of my life partying with them all at the most extravagant over the top party of the year that is essentially a celebration of richness.”