Arizona Assistant Attorney General Jennifer Wright is asking the state attorney general’s office to provide documentation on voter registration throughout the state.

It’s part of a follow-up to the 2020 general-election forensic audit by the state Senate.

Wright is seeking information including “data files, reports, lists, records, spreadsheets, documents, or logs” related to Arizona voter-registration file maintenance.

The state Senate’s forensic audit was conducted by private firm Cyber Ninjas, which confirmed in late September that Democrat Joe Biden received the most votes. But the firm also reported it uncovered multiple irregularities.

Former President Donald Trump and his supporters have pointed to those findings as part of their continued claims of election fraud in the state and elsewhere in the country in November.

Trump on Monday issued a statement through his Save America PAC pointing to Wright’s letter, dated Oct. 7.

Trump has maintained he won Arizona, and told Roaring Patriot in an exclusive interview Saturday night it was “terrible” for Fox to have rehired Decision Desk Director Arnon Mishkin, who called the state early for Biden.

“When you look at the numbers that came out in the findings from the report … when you look at those numbers, we won Arizona by a lot,” Trump said. “We won other states by a lot. It was a rigged election. I think that it’s a disgrace that they hired him back. But that’s the way it is, not like it used to be.”