Owner of Black Metal Firearms David Nagel originally caught on camera an ATF official photographing documents from his business in order to demonstrate the difficulties the firearms sector has in the current political climate, but what he saw has now gone viral.

Nagel joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to discuss what actually transpired the day he made the frightening video, the threats the ATF inspector made against his regular clients, and the disparaging remarks the inspector made about gun owners.

According to Nagel, a routine check by Inspector Pamela Scott of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Industry Operations swiftly descended into chaos when she began photographing the shop’s comprehensive sales records, which included the names of each gun purchaser.

Nagel claimed that by gathering the private data of his clients, he addressed Scott and even questioned whether she was setting up a registry.

She allegedly replied, “No, that would be illegal.”

Nagel then made the decision that it was time to record Scott’s actions on camera.

He said to Glenn, “We had quite a bit of recording. But a lot of it, we were not able to share because there was personal information visible in it, you know, contact numbers and things of that sort. So, we didn’t want to put all of the video on blast.”

Tens of thousands of people watched the brief post he made on Instagram, which sparked both indignation and support.

Nagel continued by describing Scott’s response after she informed him that her data collection would not be acceptable to his clients.

“She said, ‘well, it sounds like your customers are just being paranoid. Maybe I should look into them a little bit more.’ Which I thought was really creepy,” Nagel further mentioned.

“And she said, ‘you have a few gun nuts in there.’ And I politely corrected her. I prefer gun enthusiasts. And she said, ‘no, they’re nuts,'” Nagel told Glenn. “That was a kind of backhanded way of describing the average American. Because, if we’re all nuts, then what are you governing us for?”