Unlike the great majority of her colleagues, Kirsten Sinema, the Arizona Democrat who at least attempts to show some respect for our nation and its rules, absolutely crushed their radical, far-left agenda in a fiery Thursday address.

Sinema’s hard-hitting statement on the Senate floor put the final nail in the coffin of the Brandon-Schumer-Pelosi Axis’ radical agenda, most notably their desire to employ the so-called nuclear option to eliminate the filibuster in order to enact some darn fool scheme of Brandon’s or another.

She emphasized the fragmented, split aspect of American life, emphasizing that it is more than just a talking point; it is having a genuine impact on actual people.

Sinema added, “For years, America’s politics have spiraled steadily downward into increasingly bitter, tribal partisanship – and our democracy has been strained.

While that may sound abstract, it is a problem that hurts Americans in real, tangible ways.

These deepening divisions hurt our ability to work together to create new job opportunities, protect the health and safety of our communities and country, and to ensure everyday families get ahead.

Americans across the country know this. They see it every day – not only on social media and cable news, but at their jobs and around their dinner tables.”

“Very good. Excellent speech” added Manchin, who, like Sinema, has remained sane while his socialist colleagues have gone insane.

Thank heavens Sinema is ready to take a stand and prevent the filibuster from being abolished by the left. In her situation, one could ask if a moderate Republican would be willing to do the same.