According to authorities, a Georgia father was charged with murder after his 8-month-old daughter died in a hot car while he was being detained and brought to jail in a separate case. According to investigators, the 20-year-old father never notified the arresting cops that his infant was alone in a parked car.

In the killing of Nova Grace Whatley-Trejo, Davied Japez McCorry is charged with second-degree murder. Officials claimed the father parked his car at Snellville City Hall on Tuesday and drove to the Snellville Police Department to retrieve a firearm that had been impounded by police.

Officers do not issue weapons without doing a background check on the owner, Det. Jeff Manley stated during a press conference on Wednesday. According to Manley, the check indicated that Whatley had outstanding warrants for probation violations.

According to authorities, he was detained and sent to jail. Manley claims Whatley never mentioned his child.

According to the detective, body cameras recorded Whatley’s actions from the time he entered the Snellville Police Department until he was transported and released to deputies for processing at the Gwinnett County Detention Center.

According to Manley, he made no remarks about his daughter being left in the car two buildings away from the Snellville Police Department.

Whatley informed his mother that Nova was in his car several hours later, according to authorities. Authorities stated the grandmother rushed to grab the infant and take her to the hospital, but the youngster was already dead.

“I’m absolutely astounded that somebody would leave an 8-month-old in a car, park away from our building and walk up here, knowing that child was in the car and leave them there,” Manley said.

Authorities say Whatley was released Tuesday night after posting bail in the probation violation case. After investigators learnt of the baby’s death, he was re-arrested and charged with murder on Wednesday, officials said.

According to internet records, he is being detained without bond at the Gwinnett County Jail on that charge.