Stephen Goepfert, Biden’s bodyguard, is quitting his job this week in order to pursue a post in the US Department of Transportation.

This is the most recent resignation from Biden’s already failing White House, which is fighting to retain its personnel in time for the pivotal November elections.

Biden said he and first wife Jill Biden will miss Goepfert after the White House announced his resignation.

The president said that Goepfert stood by his side during his presidential campaign and described him as a remarkable person who can be relied upon in any situation.

Similarly, Biden wished Goepfert success in his new position with the government.

In order to potentially win over votes on the far-left, Biden recruited Goepfert in 2019 during his presidential campaign. Goepfert was the first openly homosexual person to act as a presidential candidate’s bodyguard.

Goepfert served as a consultant to Steve Ricchetti, the vice president Joe Biden’s chief of staff, during Obama’s presidency. Jacob Spreyer, a receptionist at the White House, will now serve as Biden’s bodyguard in lieu of Goepfert.

Given that the person in charge of this job is constantly near to the president, the body man is regarded as the most crucial post for any president.

The White House is experiencing a personnel issue as a result of the declining popularity of Biden, since many of its staffers are departing before the midterm elections.

According to different Democratic campaign strategists, Democrats have a communication issue that is pushing people away, and Biden was reportedly dissatisfied with his message staff.

The White House press team saw a significant shakeup as a result. Mike Gwin, Amanda Finney, and Vedant Patel were three of the people that departed the White House for jobs in the Biden administration.

The biggest surprise was when White House press secretary Jean Psaki also departed for a job as a journalist on MSNBC.

Similarly, after initially saying she would leave the White House to spend more time with her family, White House communications director Kate Bedingfield changed her mind at the last minute.

More than 20 black Americans have departed the Biden White House since last year, leading some detractors to call the wave of mass departures “Blaxit.”

However, the White House frequently asserts that this personnel turnover is a common occurrence prior to any midterm elections.