President Joe Biden’s surprising admission that the COVID-19 epidemic can’t be fixed at the federal level has dominated the news, and the president’s shame has only grown since then.

There was no way Biden was going to end the federal government’s oppression. He’s too involved, and despite his desire to publicly shift blame to the governments as the number of cases rises, he’s still the same senile, far-left character he was before.

The president sought to clean up his comments today, and it went about as expected. Then he hinted at his next authoritarian action at the federal level tonight.

If his medical staff recommends it, President Biden indicated Tuesday that he will enforce a requirement that Americans get vaccinated against COVID-19 before traveling domestically.

This is the same man who recently said that relying on federal measures to combat the epidemic was a bad idea. But, after receiving a barrage of criticism from his left flank during the last two days, Biden looks to be reversing course. Dr. Anthony Fauci, through The Post Millennial, also mentioned this action over the weekend.

Fauci made no attempt to back up his stance for requiring vaccinations for internal travel with scientific data. Rather, he’s simply coming out and stating that it’s all about mindless coercion, which isn’t helping to stop the infection from spreading.

No matter what his medical team said, if Biden had any leadership characteristics, he’d be blasting down this stupid proposal. Instead, he likes to pretend to be President without actually being President. That’s just another consequence of installing a senile old guy in the White House who has never truly led anything in his life. Senators are mostly do-nothings, and Biden was the king of do-nothings for decades.