President Joe Biden denounces the attempted assassination of Republican candidate for governor of New York and U.S. On Thursday night, Congressman Lee Zeldin attended a political gathering.

Biden issued a statement on Friday in the late afternoon, “I condemn the attack on Congressman Zeldin in the strongest terms. As I’ve said before, violence has absolutely no place in our society or our politics. I am especially grateful for the courage of those who immediately intervened, and that he is unharmed and was able to continue his speech. I also want to thank the law enforcement officers who quickly took action and are investigating this attack that defies our fundamental democratic values.” 

However, Biden did not urge the Department of Justice to file federal criminal charges against the person who attempted to assassinate Zeldin in his speech.

The DOJ has not yet disclosed any information on whether the U.S. The New York Attorney General will look into or seek enforcement of 18 U.S. Code Section 351.

Killing or kidnapping a member of Congress, a member-elect of Congress, certain designated executive branch officials, a significant presidential or vice presidential candidate, a justice of the Supreme Court, or a person nominated to be a justice is a federal offense under Section 351 of Title 18, United States Code. This clause also makes it illegal to attempt to conduct such acts or plan to assault any such person.

Zeldin’s assailant was freed mere hours after he was detained and accused of a state felony due to New York’s lax-on-crime, no bail regulations, which were put in place by Democrats.