President Joe Biden attended a celebration for the approval of their bipartisan gun control measure on the White House grounds on Monday morning. He was accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, Congressmen, and Republican Senator John Cornyn.

However, not everyone in attendance was impressed with President Biden. The father of a Parkland shooting victim, Manuel Oliver, was one of the invited guests who started yelling at Biden during the president’s comments.

Biden paused his speech and asked the guy to take a seat, but afterwards changed his mind and requested Oliver’s turn to speak. Nevertheless, he continued.

President Joe Biden clumsily miscalculated the Parkland shooting’s date by a century.

Biden’s reaction on Monday at a government function attended exclusively by invited guests on the White House grounds comes after he was heckled by an unknown person during yet another weekend getaway to Delaware. Where are your f***ing training wheels at, Biden was questioned while riding his bike by a passerby who recorded the incident and uploaded it online.

On Monday, back at the White House, the president reiterated his support for a ban on assault weapons, saying he was determined to see further legislation—more comprehensive legislation—pass through Congress.

In addition, Biden thanked the two Republicans who made concessions to the Democrats in the equally divided senate in order to approve the new gun control laws, warning that he would upset John Cornyn (TX) and Thom Tillis (NC).

While negotiating with Democrats on the gun measure earlier this year, Cornyn had to contend with his own hecklers, as he faced jeering boos from his own party’s supporters at the Republican Party of Texas conference.