As invading Russian troops poised to take control of Ukraine’s capital on Saturday, President Biden headed to Delaware.

According to Biden’s official schedule released by the White House on Friday, the commander-in-chief will spend the weekend in Wilmington, where he was attending a funeral service for a family member.

Mr. Biden was headed to Delaware to attend a family member’s memorial ceremony, according to White House press secretary Jen Psaki. On Saturday, the president will meet with his national security team in Wilmington, she said.

Every president may work from anywhere since that is how presidencies are set up, according to Psaki.

On Friday, President Barack Obama, 79, and First Lady Jill Biden, 70, were pictured boarding a Marine One helicopter for a 100-mile flight back to the White House.

Biden spent 28% of his first year as president in Delaware, angering critics who allege his government is secretive about his activities away from Pennsylvania Avenue.

During the Afghanistan crisis last summer, Mr. Biden was chastised for visiting Wilmington. Republicans chastised him in September for spending Labor Day weekend in Delaware as Americans were trapped in Afghanistan due to the US drawdown.