While on vacation between Delaware and Kiawah Island, South Carolina, Joe Biden has been absent for the most of the month of August. He spent the previous 13 days in seclusion as a result of COVID. So, until the end of this week, he had mostly disappeared from the public view.

But a recent allegation claims that he was also shirking his duties in the process.

Israel has legitimately been alarmed by the Biden administration’s misguided attempt to save the Iran nuclear deal. Lifting the sanctions might give the mullahs more authority, and now there are rumors that the new agreement being suggested would also relax the arms embargo on Iran.

Because of Joe Biden, one of the main state supporters of terrorism — the individuals who cry “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” — would be able to get a variety of weaponry. There would be no enforcement mechanism in place to ensure that they adhered to the restrictions on uranium enrichment that Iran is required to follow under the terms of the agreement.

The Israeli Prime Minister has been attempting to call Joe Biden to discuss what the US is doing, but Biden just ignores him, either because he is entirely absent or because he wants to avoid speaking with them.

They haven’t talked for days. The White House cited Biden’s vacation as the cause. That is not an acceptable defense when a global leader is attempting to contact you. Recall how his staff insisted that he was working everywhere he went despite having spent around 35% of his time at work on vacation. Of course, that was another falsehood from the Biden campaign.

But Biden returned to the area on Wednesday, August 24, and the Post piece was published on August 27. Therefore, that doesn’t tell anything about Joe Biden’s ability to fulfill his obligations. Or maybe the issue here is that he is aware that he is unable to stop what they are going to do.

It is planned for the chief of Mossad to visit Washington, D.C. to brief Congress on the intelligence they have on Iran the following week. There will thus eventually be some discourse.