Following the spectacular FBI raid on Donald Trump’s Florida residence on Monday, Biden spoke in front of the White House with other Democratic leaders. The president did this when Chuck Schumer walked down the line shaking hands.

From the observer’s point of view, you can see Schumer shaking each person’s hand as he moves from left to right. You can see Biden extend his hand again toward Schumer as he approaches the front of the line, but the president is left hanging as Schumer moves on to the stage. Shortly after shaking hands with Schumer, Biden promptly forgot about it. He uncomfortably stood there with his hand extending before making the disgusting habit of grabbing his mouth an attempt to cover it up.

We all have eyes, but the “fact-checkers” will use the same defense as they did the previous time something similar occurred: “He was just pointing with his whole hand.” There would have been no need for the president to be gesturing at anyone with an outstretched, full hand at that point if he had known that he had just shaken Schumer’s hand moments before. He’s just old and senile.

Additionally, he displayed physical symptoms of illness by violently coughing in front of the public yet again.

When the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago made headlines, the issue of whether Biden was involved arose right away.

However, the majority of us believe he is not. The general public does not believe that this individual is usually aware of his whereabouts, much less that he is in charge of a deep state plot to depose Donald Trump. Instead, the threads are being pulled by mysterious persons within the administration, like Christopher Wray, Merrick Garland, and Ron Klain.