President Joe Biden has named former New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to supervise the $1 trillion infrastructure plan, the White House said Sunday.

“I am thankful to the president and honored to be tasked with coordinating the largest infrastructure investment in generations,” Landrieu wrote in a statement. “Our work will require strong partnerships across the government and with state and local leaders, business and labor to create good-paying jobs and rebuild America for the middle class.

“We will also ensure these major investments achieve the president’s goals of combating climate change and advancing equity.”

Biden is hosting the signing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act on Monday, and Landrieu will be the senior adviser responsible for coordinating implementation of the massive spending.

Landrieu led New Orleans from 2010 to 2018, playing an important role in helping the city rebound from a devastating 2005 hurricane.

“Landrieu took office at a time when the city’s recovery from the devastation of Hurricane Katrina had stalled,” the White House wrote, announcing the news. “He hit the ground running, fast-tracking over 100 projects and securing billions in federal funding for roads, schools, hospitals, parks and critical infrastructure, turning New Orleans into one of America’s great comeback stories.”

“As the former Lt. Governor of Louisiana, he also knows what it’s like to lead at the state level and will be able to work with and relate to governors and other state officials. And he has strong relationships in the business and labor communities, which will be essential in carrying out this job.”

The White House praised Landrieu for taking down four Confederate monuments in New Orleans, hailing his winning the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award.