Things aren’t looking good for US Vice President Joe Biden right now. After a series of gaffes during public remarks, Biden has found himself at the center of internet mockery. Another incident involving the 79-year-old president has only contributed to the conflagration.

Biden was seen giving an “invisible handshake” after finishing a lecture at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in Greensboro in a video that has since gone viral. He continued to wander around the podium after that, seeming perplexed.

At the Alumni Event Center, Biden discussed the economy, inflation, manufacturing, and renewable energy jobs.

On stage, Biden seemed lost as well, and after the speech ended, he inexplicably turned his back on the audience.

The President’s speech was centered on the supply chain issue, and it appeared to be an attempt to encourage Congress to increase financing for semiconductor manufacture. Biden, on the other hand, claimed to be a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania despite having never taught a class there, an inaccuracy quickly picked up by social media users.

Netizens were quick to criticize the popular video. While some on the internet sympathized with Biden’s actions, many others pointed out that the entire episode was humiliating.