A video of a BLM demonstrator in Pennsylvania ranting at a black police officer has gone viral.

Officers were confronted by the radical group, who refused to comply and began fighting with them while yelling “black lives matter.” Jim Rogers died in the hospital after being tasered by eight police officers in October, and a group of about 20 protestors gathered to protest his death. Several Wilkinsburg Police Department officers and others quickly appeared on the scene and labeled the event an unlawful assembly, ordering the group to disperse.

As they continued to protest in the center of the roadway, the protestors erroneously told the police officer that they could march anywhere they wanted.

The demonstrators’ day did not go well, as some of them were attacked and arrested.

Although one officer stated this, the loudmouth female in the video remarked to officers that BLMers had the right to protest anywhere they pleased.

Officers began removing them by force, which prompted demonstrators to resist and fight back.

That’s when the amazing moment occurred, when one of the black officers channeled his inner Will Smith and punched the huge girl in the face.

The city of Pittsburg stated at the end of March that five of the eight cops who used tasers on Rogers had been fired. Rogers’ death, however, was considered an accident, and the other three cops will continue to serve.

A request for comment from the Wilkinsburg Police Department was not immediately returned.