A female Polk County Sheriff’s officer was compelled to deploy a Taser on a 15-year-old male during a domestic disturbance at a hotel in Davenport, and two civil rights organizations in the state of Florida, including Black Lives Matter, are now demanding that an impartial inquiry be carried out.

Conveniently, BLM isn’t telling you what the adolescent did to warrant the deputy’s actions, which, I promise you, they were well merited, but they are outraged by the deputy’s tasing of the child.

Detectives said that the kid had assaulted, pushed, and even bit his girlfriend, who was also seven months pregnant. The deputy was trying to bring the juvenile under control. The pair was involved in a heated fight about a cell phone on July 8 when the event occurred, according to the sheriff’s office’s statement to WTVT.

According to reports, the girlfriend in this instance is 19 and considerably older than the defendant.

Investigators said that the adolescent persisted in resisting arrest after being Tasered.

At a press conference on Wednesday, outspoken Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that the male juvenile was recalcitrant when Sgt. Shanon Gaylord attempted to arrest him when she arrived at the hectic scene. According to Judd, the deputy deployed her Taser when the 15-year-old threatened to hit the officer three times and was larger than her, the station said.

Judd continued by saying that his sergeant really showed a lot of patience during the situation and that he would have tased the young man long before she did.