The approval of Colorado’s redistricting map has forced Rep. Lauren Boebert’s top challenger to suspend her campaign.

Democrat Colorado State Sen. Kerry Donovan announced Friday that she was halting her campaign after the redistricting map drew her outside of Boebert’s 3rd Congressional District.

“While each $15 check in the mail with a memo ‘we believe in you’ or $20 donation at a meet and greet made me more committed by the day, the congressional maps failed to recognize the complexity of rural Colorado and instead divided communities, protected incumbents and ignored Coloradans’ voices,” Donovan said in a statement.

“As a result, there is no viable path forward for me to remain in this race, and I have made the decision to suspend my campaign for Congress.”

Donovan said her “grassroots” campaign had received more than 60,000 contributions with an average donation of less than $25.

She previously had decided to suspend fundraising efforts after Colorado’s independent congressional redistricting commission finalized the new map.

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday approved the new eight-district congressional map, Colorado Politics reported. The map will be used for the next 10 years.

The addition of an eighth congressional district — added in the suburbs north of Denver — came as the result of the state’s booming population over the past decade. It also meant a significant reconfiguration of much of the state’s U.S. House districts, Colorado Politics reported.

“The plan surely will not please everyone,” Justice Monica Marquez wrote in the court’s decision, reported by The Colorado Sun, “but again, the question before us is not whether the commission adopted a perfect redistricting plan or even the ‘best’ of the proposed alternatives.”

State Rep. Donald Valdez, D-Colo., who has called Boebert, R-Colo., a “threat to democracy,” remains among Democrat contenders in the 3rd District.

Boebert, a strong supporter of former President Donald Trump, won her 2020 election by 6 points. She was one of three GOP House members elected this week to the board of the conservative House Freedom Caucus.