A major Catholic organization revealed its plans for an advertising campaign that will strongly urge President Joe Biden to emulate the last Catholic president, John F. Kennedy, and demonize the attacks on churches that were sparked by the Supreme Court’s decision in the Roe v. Wade abortion case. One million dollars is anticipated to be spent on the campaign.

However, since the court’s decision in the Dobbs case, Biden has been more supportive of protests directed at Catholic churches and pro-birth pregnancy clinics, many of which are run by the church. CatholicVote has released a new advertisement that reminds viewers that President John F. Kennedy said the following in response to an outbreak of cathedral burnings in the early 1960s.

“Churches are being burnt again because they protect unborn infants and mothers in need,” said the advertisement, which was set to run nationwide both online and on television in the media markets of Wisconsin and Washington, D.C.

The commercial shows President Biden speaking to the protesters while he takes a break from his holiday bike ride. As “our second Catholic president,” Joe Biden is referred to in the advertisement. He is then paraphrased as saying, “Keep protesting because — keep making your point.”

Even though he regularly attends church, Biden is one of the many Catholics who favor abortion rights. He and Vice President Kamala Harris have sided with those who are dissatisfied with the court’s decision.

The advertisement comes after CatholicVote and numerous other activist groups asked Biden to condemn the frequently violent rallies that are being held against churches and birthing facilities. The rise in assaults on maternity facilities and churches has been tracked by CatholicVote.