Former President Donald Trump’s acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf on Sunday blasted President Joe Biden’s border policies as “inhumane.”

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Wolf said border agents are thwarted from stopping illegal drugs from entering the country because they are too busy handling the surge of migrants across the border.

“The Biden administration is encouraging individuals” to cross the border, he charged.

“We are seeing historic numbers, month after month after month and in the process we see more migrants deaths,” he said.

He added Border Patrol agents are also seeing “more in-custody deaths because of sheer number of people crossing the border every month.”

“The border policy that the Biden administration has … undergone over the last several months is a very inhumane policy that’s having some devastating consequences,” he said.

According to Wolf, people need to keep in mind that “the historic number of folks that we are seeing cross the border enrich the cartels every day. “

“For every individual crossing the border it’s 5,000 to $10,000 that they pay cartel members,” he said. “The cartels are putting that money back into elicit business and they continue to traffic illegal narcotics and the 200%[increase]… is only the amount that we are apprehending and we know the vast majority is getting through…. because border patrol agents are no longer on the line doing their national security mission.”

“They are back in facilities trying to care for all of the migrants that are coming across the border,” he said.

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