Hollywood actor Jon Voight, who leans conservative, is speaking out. He’s back at it, this time blasting the windbreaker-clad tyrants for letting Hillary and Obama off the hook while ruthlessly prosecuting the former president Trump, only weeks after releasing a strong video denouncing the FBI for their raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence.

Voight criticized the FBI’s hypocrisy in treating Trump differently than Obama and Clinton.

“Did they ever attack Obama’s home or Clinton’s? And why not? Because President Trump knows that the swamp is all lies and he once drowned them, and they’re all afraid you will see the truths. Wake up America, see this lie.”

“My friends, the deceit will surely die, for no man shall turn truths for their ego, for their unrighteousness. Because our witness will surely condemn this war. The third world war. Yes, it’s been turned into a war.”

“This is America and my fellow Americans, I’m proud to be an American, and I know that we will be saved, that there is a plan. That the one president who had our true trust was President Donald Trump, and he will do it all over again. With the prayers, the hope, the love, the trust of all the American people once again, may God watch over all and make this land great again.”

It was a strong statement that reflected what Voight had just stated in a video criticizing the FBI for raiding Trump’s home.

It is now long past due for the hypocritical FBI to face consequences for its attacks on Trump while absolving clear bad actors like Hillary and Obama. Voight’s message may encourage more individuals to voice their opinions.