Footage has emerged of panicked parents standing outside Robb Elementary in Texas, debating whether or not to go inside to save their children since officials were acting too slowly.

It’s unknown when the tape was taken, but it depicts horrified and heartbroken parents pleading with authorities to intervene as the insane shooter holed himself inside the school, killing 19 children and two instructors.

Although the initial 911 contact was placed about 11:30 a.m., officers did not shoot and kill shooter Ramos until 1 p.m. Outside the school, officers tried to keep parents at bay as many attempted to get entry. Police taser guns were visible in the clip, according to social media users.

As she attempted to push her way past highly armed cops, a panicked lady was pulled to the ground.

Because they were unable to force the door open, Customs and Border Patrol officials who were sent in to deal with the situation had to ask school staff members for a key to the classroom door where the slaughter had occurred.

Jacklyn Cazares, Javier Cazares’ fourth-grade daughter, was killed by the gunman. He told reporters that he arrived at the school as fast as possible, but that he was surprised to discover officers still waiting outside.

Cazare said he didn’t understand why the gunman wasn’t apprehended sooner, either during the shooting or before he arrived at the school.

“Go in there!” yelled a woman who lived near the school from her porch. Enter the room! ” she said as she stood outside watching officers linger.

Salvador Ramos began shooting at the school roughly 40 minutes to an hour before police shot him dead, according to Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw.

The 19 youngsters that were slain were all in the same class.