Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz grilled Department of Homeland Security Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas on topics relating to the poor conditions migrant children were kept in at southern border facilities.

On Tuesday, during a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Mayorkas took issue with the term “cages” that related to a picture Cruz showed of what appears to be kids lying on the floor in a detention facility covered in emergency space blankets, according to C-SPAN.

“Senator, I respectfully disagree with your use of the term cages,” Mayorkas stated.

“Fine, you can disagree with it,” Cruz replied. “How many children have been in the Biden cages? I’ve been to the Biden cages. I’ve seen the Biden cages. How many children have you detained at the Donna tent facility in the cages you built to hold kids? How many children have been in those cages?

Mayorkas steadfastly objected to the use of the term cages, but Cruz continued.

“I respectfully am not familiar with the term cages,” Mayorkas said.

“Enclosures,” the congressman shouted, “in which they are locked in, in which I took photographs and put them out because you block the press and didn’t want people to see the Biden cages. These secure facilities in which they are locked down in Donna, in those facilities, how many children have been in them?”

Cruz then pointed to the picture of people wrapped in space blankets at a detention facility.

“Has any Democratic member of this committee given a damn enough to see the children being locked up by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris because of your failed immigration policies?” Cruz demanded.

Mayorkas responded, stating that Democrats have been to the southern border facilities, but he was unsure if they were a part of “this committee.”