Democratic DC Mayor Muriel Bowser announced on Thursday that she has issued a call for the National Guard to be called into the city to assist in dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants that is engulfing the nation’s capital, in large part due to buses from border states like Texas and Arizona.

President Joe Biden hasn’t taken any action to slow down or stop the unprecedented flood of migrants crossing the border since he assumed office. These people have flooded the nation in their hundreds, taxing border towns and counties to the point that they are unable to provide aid to anybody.

Bowser continued by describing the situation as a worsening humanitarian catastrophe brought on by individuals traveling across the country in search of refuge. He said that Washington, D.C., will continue to push for federal assistance.

Now that illegal immigration is having a direct detrimental impact on people’s lives and communities, the left wants to do something about it. They are seeing firsthand what it’s like to live in a bordering state.

The Democratic mayor continued by saying that there needs to be room for the flood of refugees.

Bowser has written letters to the D.C. government and President Joe Biden’s team. The National Guard has been mobilized indefinitely, and the Homeland Security and Emergency Management Agency has requested authorization to utilize the D.C. As a hub for processing, the armory.

As of the time of this writing, neither letter had gotten a response from Bowser.