An advantage in a congressional contest would seem to be having the president campaign with you, but Florida Democratic candidate Annette Taddeo doesn’t seem to be interested in such backing from President Joe Biden.

During a Saturday campaign interview with CNN’s Boris Sanchez, Taddeo—who is presently a state legislator for Florida—diverted from a straight inquiry about whether she had Biden campaign with her.

Would you want to see the president come down to campaign with you? Sanchez asked after noting that the president’s popularity rating has been consistently around 40% in most surveys. ”

Taddeo didn’t provide a definitive yes or no in his response to that query.

She continued by criticizing her rival, Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL), saying that the Republican believed she was a cast member of a reality show, “Look, I know that I have my own campaign to win, and we will get lots of help from lots of people, but at the end of the day, I know that the way that I win this race is by us actually telling my story, telling why we need a real representative. We have somebody right now that votes constantly against our community.”

In fact, Biden’s popularity has increased recently as a result of the president’s recent legislative successes, which include the Inflation Reduction Act’s enactment. According to a Gallup survey issued this week, he has a 44 percent support rating among respondents. Gallup notes that this is the president’s best approval rating in a year.

Taddeo did compliment Democrats as a whole, however she did mention the president’s proposal to cancel certain student loans.

“What I will tell you is that we as Democrats are delivering on solutions for people to actually get ahead at a time when they need us to deliver,” she mentioned.