John Fetterman, a Democratic candidate for the Senate, is receiving criticism from the media for declining to participate in a live debate with the Republican contender.

Fetterman asserted that he is unable to participate in the debate because he is still recuperating from a stroke he had earlier this year.

Even still, political experts believe a candidate who cannot even hold a debate should not be elected to the US Senate for a six-year tenure.

Dr. Mehmet Oz, a Republican running for the Senate, invited Fetterman to the first debate prior to the midterm elections in November last week.

Fetterman, who claimed that Mehmet was making fun of the stroke he had earlier this year, refused Mehmet’s offer.

Fetterman asserts that Mehmet’s campaign is mocking his speech and auditory processing since he is still healing from the stroke attack he suffered in May.

When Fetterman can’t even participate in a debate, local media in Pennsylvania are questioning his qualifications to be a US senator.

How can voters think Fetterman would be able to serve them in Congress when he can’t even make it to a debate? was the question posed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial board.

In addition, the news source noted that even though Fetterman conducts interviews and goes to campaign events, he still needs closed captions and subtitles to properly comprehend the dialogue.

The editorial board believes that Fetterman’s stroke recovery will continue to be very unpredictable, even if his campaign claims that he is making every effort to fully recover and is attending speech therapy sessions.

This implies that even after winning the elections, Fetterman might not be entirely well.

Since Fetterman is the most extreme candidate running for the US Senate this year, Mehmet said, he is just avoiding the discussion to conceal his far-left philosophy.

Mehmet followed by saying that if Fetterman is able to attend a public debate, he is likely to speak passionately and expose everyone to his far-left viewpoints.