Democrats in California and their volunteer opposition research group at the Los Angeles Times have gone to great lengths to try and destroy Republican candidate Larry Elder. Why so frightened, guys?

Elder is among several Republicans on the ballot to recall Gavin Newsom, the failed Democrat Governor. Elder is clearly a threat.

Larry Elder has been the target of the LA Times, who have brought up gossipy trash from an ex-girlfriend and comments or jokes Elder made during his radio show. They even accused him of being a white supremacist.

According to Dan Walters,, Elder’s attacks from the media, Democrats and some established Republican candidates have become so vicious that they could be backfiring.

Rush Limbaugh once said, “The Left tells me who they fear by attacking whom.” Walters believes that the Democrats fear Elder because of the sheer number of attacks coming their way.

Walters believes Newsom and his media lagos are trying to get California Democrats to vote for Newsom by focusing on Elder and all of the so-called horrible things that could happen to California if Elder is elected governor.

Newsom could lose this recall vote because of voter apathy in California, according to polling. However, Newsom’s focus on Elder is also igniting those who support the recall.

The same dynamic played out in 2016. The more Donald Trump was attacked, he received more support from angry and frustrated Republican voters.

Californians are frustrated and angry.

CNN reported Wednesday that California Democrats are “dwindling support” for Gavin Newsom.

And people frustrated and angry at Gavin Newsom being told by Gavin Newsom and his sycophants in the press that Larry Elder is a bad guy may not have the desired effect Newsom and the Democrats hope for.