Elon Musk developed the groundbreaking and clever Tesla. It offers unique features and a respectable range for battery-powered cars. The vehicle’s body isn’t horrendously designed either. I still favor traditional electric vehicles.

In general, electric vehicles aren’t very environmentally friendly. What do you believe generates the energy at the charging stations? Electronic waste is a problem that is underreported. It’s fossil fuels, specifically coal, not magicians. It’s one of the opulent possessions liberal America longs for. By 2035, California will no longer allow the sale of gas-powered vehicles, but they are also advising their inhabitants who own electric vehicles to refrain from charging them to avoid overloading the system. It is where irony is born.

The filthy secret that fossil fuels are used to recharge electric vehicles also hides another lethal quirk. On the roadways, they are more lethal. Because of their size and weight, the batteries that give these cars their approximately 300-mile range before recharging increase the risk of fatalities in the event of a collision.

With a 30% increase in the past ten years, the United States has already surpassed all other countries in the number of fatal traffic accidents. In contrast, every other developed nation experienced a drop.

With that as a backdrop, there are some mounting worries regarding both the high weight of larger electric vehicles as well as the safety of underdeveloped autonomous driving. For instance, the electric Ford Lightning weighs an enormous 6,500 pounds. Even heavier, weighing in at 9,000 pounds, is the Hummer EV. It weighs more than a Honda Civic only in its battery.

These cars are therefore potential coffins, just like any other vehicle on the road, even though the extra weight raises the likelihood of a messy death for oneself and their family. The green warriors are totally fixated on population reduction. Perhaps this is a covert method of eliminating a few thousand people without having to line them up against a wall to be shot.