Eric Trump said he wants his father, former President Donald Trump, to run again in 2024.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Future,” the second-oldest Trump son said his father is “the only person that can save this country.”

“It is an incredibly corrupt system. I see it every single day. It’s incredibly corrupt and my father, you know, returned respect to the country and returned the greatest economy our nation has ever seen, rebuilt the military and did great things for America. America was prosperous and respected.”

Under President Joe Biden, however, Eric Trump said “what’s happening in Washington is truly — and I hate to use the word — a clown show,” he charged. “This country deserves better. The citizens of this country deserves better. This goes beyond Democrats versus Republicans, this is a pure American red, white and blue [issue]. We deserve better.”

The younger Trump lamented that Democrats “weaponize everything.”

“Every single day since my father ran for president, my father and our entire family and our company has been under investigation every single day, we get subpoena after subpoena after subpoena,” he said.

“They weaponized the entire system in the country,” he said of Democrats. “They weaponized the [Department of Justice]. They weaponized our military, they weaponized the educational system in this country, they weaponized the medical system in the country. The Democrats weaponize everything that they can to use against our political opponents.”

According to Eric Trump, “it’s amazing the kind of the injustice in this country and America was always this country that stood for equal weights of justice on both sides.”

“It’s a national symbol of ours, the scales of justice, we don’t have that anymore,” he said.

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