These farmer’s tractors will not appeal to Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A big number of farmers have joined the freedom convoy truckers in Coutts, Alberta, in their protest. Hundreds of farmers descended to Coutts in the bitter cold to demonstrate against Canada’s vaccine mandates. The farmers’ action comes only one day after over 300 cowboys rode into town on horseback to protest vaccine regulations.

Coutts, Alberta, is a cross-border crossing between the United States and Canada. For the past two weeks, truckers have erected a blockade at the Montana-Alberta border, making most importing and exporting for Alberta nearly difficult. The Canadian government is slowly but steadily recognizing how vital truckers and farmers are, as they would starve if they did not exist.

Farmers have moved in with heavy equipment and tractors to completely block the border with Montana in solidarity with the continuing trucker protest at the key border crossing between Alberta and the United States.

RCMP have kept thousands of supporters away from the Coutts demonstration and have set up camp 20 kilometers up the road in Milk River. Since January 29, truckers have been protesting at the border as part of a nationwide convoy movement to eliminate vaccine mandates and COVID restrictions, which drew a big throng of 100,000 truckers and sympathizers to the nation’s capital, Ottawa. Despite a recent police crackdown, the majority of activists have pledged to remain until epidemic restrictions are lifted.

Premier Jason Kenney announced late Tuesday night that Albertans will no longer need immunization passports to eat in restaurants or enter venues. Kenney announced at a news conference that the peak of Covid-19 has passed, and that there is no longer a need for non-vaccinated Albertans to be restricted.

Although truckers and farmers were relieved that Kenney stopped the Restrictions Exemption Program, which forced Albertans to produce proof of Covid-19 immunization in order to enter certain public venues, they continue to protest because they want vaccine mandates to be abolished across the country.