In an interview with the Los Angeles Times published last Friday, Vice President Kamal Harris stated that neither the delta nor the omicron COVID-19 variations were anticipated by the Biden administration, rendering them shocked and quite unprepared for them.

Vice President Kamala Harris stated they have not seen the Delta variant coming, giving much emphasis that even scientists do not have any idea that Delta variant is coming. Now with the Omicron variant going around, it does seem that the government is clueless of how to fight it off. 

However, in an interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Fauci, President Joe Biden’s chief of medical advisor and is spearheading information about COVID-19 updates, stated that they clearly saw COVID-19 Variants coming. This has clearly contradicted Vice President Kamala Harris’ previous claim. Fauci also further explained that the thing that was not anticipated was the extent of the mutation and not the mutation itself.

Fauci further stated, in an attempt to soften the rhetoric, that people have taken Vice President Kamala Harris’ words out of context. In the same statement, Fauci said that the Vice President only meant that if you look at the number of mutations in Omicron, it is something you are not expecting. 

He emphasized that the Biden administration is well prepared and that they are expecting to see more variants. Fauci stated that the government is more than prepared in the event that a new variant comes out. In this stage of uncertainty and confusion, we need the government to be someone that people can rely on to break confusion and fear- not add to it.