The raid on Donald Trump’s Florida home by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) may have resulted in the acquisition of an excessive number of pointless papers.

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is currently attempting to politicize the investigations by denying the former president a fair opportunity to present his defense.

Even records that were shielded by the attorney-client privilege were taken by the FBI. According to reports, Trump cannot be held accountable for the contents of at least six boxes and another set of documents.

A few boxes that held material protected by executive privilege were also found by FBI agents. Former presidents are permitted by law to retain some records of their consultations and advice sessions with senior advisers, but the FBI also took such records.

Trump’s legal team called the DOJ and enquired as to whether or not independent auditors and third parties would review the confiscated information.

Despite the fact that the DOJ informed Trump’s staff that the federal government would reject the demand for an impartial audit.

Right-wing insiders are puzzled by the DOJ’s reaction and wonder why it is resisting Trump’s request to have the records reviewed by a third party.

According to critics, the DOJ’s unwillingness to make the inquiry transparent would cast doubt on the federal government’s decisions.

Even the timing of the FBI raid is being questioned by some outlets. Political commentators questioned the FBI’s decision to wait three days after receiving the order if the information in Trump’s hands truly constituted a threat to national security.

Additionally, throughout the past 18 months, law enforcement had communication with the previous president. This shows that the FBI planned the raid to harm Trump’s reputation even though it was not in a rush to get the materials.

After the raid, Trump said on his social media page Truth Social that the FBI could have gotten the documents without breaking into his house by just asking him for them.

Even though the former president just returned many boxes of the documents two months ago, the DOJ has yet to explain why it planned the raid.