Darrell Kennemer and Lora DeWolfe are the pair. Near San Marcos, Texas, on a seven-acre rural ranch, they reside.

It happened on June 22 just before sunrise. The gate alarm that DeWolfe and Kennemer were using woke them up. They initially believed that an animal had set off the alarm, but they soon learned that this was incorrect.

DeWolfe reported seeing a solitary white car traveling rather quickly. In answer, Kennemer took his weapon and headed outdoors.

FBI officers emerged from the white car. Kennemer, who had his firearm up, was told to put it down. Instead, he requested to see a warrant, to which the officers fired a flashbang grenade in retaliation.

DeWolfe observed that both of them had been equipped with red laser sights as soon as Kennemer placed his gun down. A drone and an airplane were also reported to be flying overhead. No warrant, according to DeWolfe, was displayed at any point throughout this time.

Agents then broke into the couple’s house while hurling additional flash-bang grenades. The pair was then divided up by agents, handcuffed, and interrogated.

Kennemer claims that agents gave him a hazy image of a man with comparable facial hair at the Capitol building. Then, agents questioned him regarding smashing a window. He disputed doing that.

The attack lasted many hours. In the end, the FBI agents generated a search warrant charging Kennemer with assaulting, obstructing, or restraining authorities and breaking into a secured area.

There were no arrests made following the operation. However, the couple’s phones, which had images from the Capitol demonstration on January 6, 2021, were taken by FBI officers.

The pair admits that they did attend the Capitol protest on January 6, but they deny any misconduct. They assert that they committed no violence or property damage during the demonstration and that they did not venture beyond the Capitol steps.

The pair thinks Kennemer could have been confused for someone else by the FBI.