Stephen Crowder sent this incredible video of a brother-sister jewelry business combo in Huntington Beach beating off robbers attempting to rob them blind, doing what losers cops refuse to do and combating crime with their feet and fists rather than handcuffs and truncheons.

A smash-and-grab robbery attempt at a jewelry store in Huntington Beach’s Bella Terra mall led in a brawl when employees refused to allow the store to be trashed without a struggle.

Four masked robbers entered Princess Bride Diamonds about noon on Sunday and began smashing display cases full of costly jewels with hammers.

It began as usual, with a gang of hooded hoodlums storming the business, ready to rob law-abiding, productive folks of their jewels and tear up their store with hammers, knowing that the useless police and woke government would do nothing to stop them.

But then it went the complete reverse of how these things generally occur, with the siblings fighting the thieves with anything they could get their hands on. They kicked, punched, and even whacked the thieves in the head with a chair, showing them that when people weren’t afraid to fight back, pain would follow their predators.

Unfortunately, it appears that the robbers got away with around $8,000 worth of jewels.

According to Huntington Beach police spokeswoman Jennifer Carey, they took around $7,700 worth of jewelry from the business.

Even if the heist would have been significantly worse if the brother and sister had not fought back for their family’s company, things would have gone much better for them if they had lived in a red state and possessed guns with which to teach the criminals a true lesson in justice and civics.