Residents report that the Fourth of July pyrotechnics set off a massive brush fire that destroyed five acres of a hillside near Los Angeles.

As festivities pick up around the US, it is believed that a misuse of explosives caused the enormous fire.

A rapidly spreading brush fire was reported in Highland Park last night, prompting the Los Angeles Fire Department to rush to the site.

According to reports, the fire started close to the 360 block of South Avenue 60 and swiftly climbed the slope toward surrounding houses and flats.

The massive fire was captured on camera by stunned bystanders as it consumed the night sky while multiple helicopters assisted ground troops in fighting the flames from above.

Before the fire was extinguished at 10:50 p.m., 96 firemen in all had responded to the blaze.

As a precaution, crews were sent to the area adjacent.

One local observer who shared many video recordings of the fire on Twitter said it started as a Fourth of July party gone awry.

Others pointed out that multiple fireworks had been set off nearby in the hours before the incident as information of the fire spread on social media.

The Los Angeles Incident Department’s informal discussion channel, LAFD Talk, stated that the cause of the fire is still being looked into.

Regarding the fireworks allegations, the LAFD was questioned.

After four people were hurt during a July 4 party the previous year, fire authorities in Ohio proclaimed the streets to be a battle zone.

Video captured the moment a handmade firework was thrown inside a U-Haul rental vehicle and exploded.

In Ocean City, Maryland, malfunctioning explosives were also seen on video only two days before.

Beachgoers fled for shelter when a firework truck parked on the beach let off a series of booms.

Massive black smoke plumes could be seen rising from the location of the planned spectacle.