Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, hit out at Attorney General Merrick Garland, claiming that he has politicized the Justice Department in an interview with the Washington Examiner this week.

Jordan took issue with a memo that Garland issued about threats against school boards, saying, “We want the memo rescinded,” referring to the message of a letter he and over a dozen other legislators signed last week to FBI Director Christopher Wray.

“I think the only appropriate thing, the only fair thing, the only smart thing, the only logical thing, whatever words you want, is for Merrick Garland to say, ‘We are not charging these 94 U.S. attorney districts and the U.S. attorneys to work with law enforcement there to set up these dedicated lines of threat reporting’ — these snitch lines,” he said.

“So, rescind that. Stop that. That is so authoritarian, big government — coming down on parents, moms, and dads — it’s just ridiculous and wrong,” Jordan said.

The congressman went on to say that Garland’s connections to the company owned by his son-in-law and whether or not he sought an ethics review before the memo’s release are “worth looking into,” but said, “I don’t see it as a primary motivation.”

Jordan speculated that the “primary motivation was politics, and it was about chilling the speech, restricting the speech, limiting the speech of moms and dads. Now, I do think there’s an obvious potential real connection there that is worthy of exploration, but my gut tells me that the main focus was this was politics. … But yeah, is there the added benefit of helping his family? It sure looks that way, and it probably should be investigated.”

A spokesperson for the FBI told the Examiner that the agency “has never been in the business of investigating parents who speak out or policing speech at school board meetings.”