The discussion about gender and its place in society has grown over the past several years.

The idea that people should use the restrooms associated with their biological gender is widely held in America. The same view may be said about sports.

Several states have implemented rules to guarantee that women’s sports are exclusively for biological females, amid increased controversy regarding biological men and transgender women participating in biological women’s sports.

The debate about gender in society is still very much open, though. Leading airlines intend to allow customers to book flights under a gender-neutral category.

Airlines For America affirms that by the end of 2024, passengers who want to purchase tickets other than the conventional “female” and “male” selections will be able to do so.

Companies that Airlines For America represents include American, Southwest, and Delta Airlines.

There will be information pages on airline websites in addition to the opportunity to purchase gender-neutral plane tickets.

These informational pages will enable those looking to reserve gender-neutral tickets to contact customer service with any queries or concerns they may have about the procedure.

According to Airlines For America, nobody should have to cope with misgendering oneself in order to board a flight.

Months after the White House declared Americans will be able to pick the X gender on their passports, news of the airlines’ plans to proceed with this change has only come to light.

Top US airlines are already dealing with issues that go well beyond whether or not there is a gender-neutral option for purchasing tickets.

Flight cancellations are occurring often for airlines, and delays are also commonplace. The situation has become so terrible that Democrats like Bernie Sanders are calling for airlines to be punished with hundreds of dollars per passenger if there are delays or cancellations.

In addition, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg hinted at potential sanctions for airlines in the event that they are unable to minimize flight disruptions. In response to Sanders’ letter to the Transportation Department on charges for air travel upsets, Buttigieg has not made any public comments.

Today’s airlines are lacking pilots, who just so happen to be essential for delivering passengers where they need to go. Additionally, in order to prevent adding even more delays and cancellations to the loads carried by aircraft, airline pilots who are currently on duty have been working overtime shifts.

Many Americans are eager for airlines to resolve these problems so that travel may resume normally.