In many ways, Florida is an anomaly in a positive way. Unlike other states that have gone all-in on medical authoritarianism, Florida has consistently opposed it.

In fact, Florida set an example in 2021 by passing legislation prohibiting vaccine passports and mandates. Governor Ron DeSantis, a Republican, signed the bill after it was passed by the Florida state legislature.

Despite how great Florida is doing, left-wing Democrats continue to criticize the state. The left is enraged by Florida’s rejection of medical authoritarianism and wishes for it to be more like New York or California.

DeSantis gave a news conference earlier this week in which he discussed why Florida is booming.

While other states adopt requirements while grappling with high taxes, crime, and other issues, Florida is in higher demand than ever.

When it came to pointing this out, DeSantis didn’t hold back. According to the governor of Florida, one of the main reasons for the strong demand for Florida is people’s desire to avoid areas that have turned into trash fires.

Hundreds to thousands of individuals are reportedly making their way to Florida every day at this time, according to sources. This says a lot about how successful DeSantis’ leadership has been and how much Americans can appreciate it.

Furthermore, as Governor DeSantis seeks re-election in Florida, he is leading every single Democratic opponent in the polls by double digits.

In Florida, the consensus is unmistakable. People admire the state’s leadership, possibilities, freedom, and promise.

All indications are that DeSantis will easily win a second term as governor of Florida. The economy of the state is expected to continue to grow and thrive, providing an example for the rest of the country.

Other Republican states throughout the country have stolen a page from Florida’s book in the last two years. Embracing monoclonal antibodies and establishing laws to prevent vaccine requirements are examples of this.