Israel should not count on the Biden administration to stop the Iran nuclear program, former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley warns.

In a tweet Tuesday highlighting her Nov. 6 speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition leadership meeting in Las Vegas, Haley blasted steps by President Joe Biden to return to a deal with Iran.

The full speech was carried on C-SPAN. 

“On Iran, I wish it wasn’t so, but you cannot count on the Biden administration to stop the Iranian nuclear program,” she said. “You just can’t. You’ve seen what it did to Afghanistan, You’ve seen how Biden is falling all over himself to get back into the nuclear deal.”

The Iranian nuclear threat is “existential for Israel,” she declared.

“If Israel makes the grave decision that its security depends on removing that threat, it should not wait for an American green light to make that happen,” she said, adding, “In matters of life and death, it is better to be strong and criticized than weak and ignored.”

Haley also slammed the Biden administration for renewing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians “and promoting a two-state solution.”

“Look, we can all have a nice academic debate about the merits of an independent Palestinian state. In theory, it could be a good thing. Lord knows the Palestinian people have suffered too much,” she said.

“But let’s be real. There is no universe today under which the corrupt Palestinian Authority can run a state. There isn’t.”

According to Haley, “the real answer to the Arab-Israel conflict began to emerge in the last administration.”

“The Trump peace plan was the most comprehensive and realistic approach to ending the dispute between Israel and the Palestinians,” she said.

“It showed that both parties interests can be served without empowering the terrorists and the Abraham Accords showed that the Palestinian issue is not the key to a broader Middle East peace. The real key is a strong Israel that defends itself and shows its neighbors that they have much more to gain from the friendship than from their hostility.”