Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley is urging the United States to boycott the Winter Olympics in China next year, arguing the communist country “is more obviously dangerous” than Nazi Germany.

In commentary posted Tuesday, Haley posed a rhetorical question: If the United States had known what Nazi Germany would become, would the United States have participated in the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics?

“This is not a historical head-scratcher,” she wrote. “The answer bears directly on next year’s Winter Olympics in Communist China.”

“Communist China is more obviously dangerous today than Nazi Germany was in 1936,” she wrote. “Then, the United States and the free world were not yet completely convinced about Adolf Hitler’s plans.” 

She noted while Winston Churchill saw what was coming, “there was enough foolish optimism for the free world to give Hitler a propaganda victory in the Berlin games.” 

“There is no such misplaced hope about Communist China. Or at least, there shouldn’t be,” she wrote, hitting the country for cracking down on Hong Kong’s fereedom, “Near-daily threats against democratic Taiwan,” the “cover-up of the origins of COVID-19,” and for “oppressing the Uyghur population in its western province of Xinjiang.”

“Given Communist China’s direction, it could soon become what Nazi Germany was in the 1940s,” she wrote. “It is not a country the United States should glorify through participation in the Winter Olympics.”

Haley said a U.S. boycott would “send an unmistakable message that China’s tyranny and threats are unacceptable. It will show that actions have consequences” — and be in the best interests of the United States “and our principles.”

“President [Joe] Biden should choose America’s principles,” she wrote.

“We know what Communist China is. We know what Communist China is doing. The leader of the free world should not hand that evil regime a powerful symbolic victory. Nor should the freest nation in human history. The United States must boycott Beijing 2022.”