The far-left defund the police organization, whose affiliate worked on a failed attempt to dissolve and replace the Minneapolis Police Department, received $75,000 from a Hillary Clinton charity.

According to its most recent tax papers, Onward Together, which Clinton founded in 2017 to join the fight against the former president Trump, gave the general support grant to the Washington, D.C.-based Alliance for Youth Action somewhere between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021.

The Alliance for Youth Action supports defunding law enforcement as a first step toward its complete abolition because it claims that the policing system was built on slave patrols and still targets and kills Black people.

The alliance claims in its 2021 annual report that the Minnesota Youth Collective, one of its associated organizations, was a member of the Yes 4 Minneapolis coalition that aimed to abolish the Minneapolis Police Department in 2017.

The Minneapolis Police Department was to be abolished and replaced with a Department of Public Safety. The far-left alliance led the effort and was successful in getting the charter change on the city’s November ballot, but Minneapolis voters rejected it.

Outside wealthy liberal funders and organizations funded and supported the unsuccessful endeavor. The Open Society Policy Center, a George Soros-funded lobbying group, contributed $500,000 to the effort.

Other organizations, like and the American Civil Liberties Union, also contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars in non-cash contributions in the form of personnel, email list access, and other services.

According to Onward Together’s tax documents, donations have decreased by over 50% since the organization’s first year. The organization brought in $3.1 million during its fiscal year of 2017, then dramatically decreased to $1.6 million for its fiscal year of 2020.

During its 2020 fiscal year, Clinton’s nonprofit gave $675,000 to just nine other progressive organizations. Nearly half of that sum ($325,000) went to the North Fund, a nonprofit incubator with connections to the $1.6 billion dark money network managed by Arabella Advisors, to support voting rights and infrastructure.