Former British subjects who formed the United States of America put a lot of thought, discussion, and compromise into drafting our founding papers.

Like anybody who creates a company model or any other organizational structure, our forefathers had to make certain assumptions in their deliberations.

They believed that individuals who would be chosen, notably the President who would be in charge of the Executive Branch, would prioritize the interests of their country and its people over all others.

However, during the previous two and a half centuries, their values have significantly deteriorated, leaving the populace to contend with foes both within and beyond the country’s boundaries, which are no longer sufficiently defended.

China still enjoys favored nation trading status with the US despite having stated its aims to undermine the US and its ambition to become the only superpower in the world.

This month, the Biden administration is anticipated to make an announcement about plans to remove a set of tariffs on Chinese imports, which will exacerbate the enormous trade imbalance the US has been running for years.

Additionally, people loyal to the newest global superpower, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), often known as the People’s Republic of China, are a part of the southern invasion on the US/Mexico border (PRC).

According to Governor of Texas Greg Abbott, President Biden’s proposal to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy will open the US border to six million illegal immigrants per year.

US prosecutors have accused two Americans with connections to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) of taking part in a transnational repression plot that involves monitoring and harassing political dissidents in the US on behalf of the People’s Republic of China (PRC).

A federal grand jury indicted Derrick Taylor, a former DHS law enforcement officer and private investigator in Irvine, California, and Craig Miller, a DHS deportation officer in Minneapolis, Minnesota, together with three other individuals.

Better days may merely be a catchy political campaign term rather than a reality for the USA given how aggressively China and Russia are taking our intellectual property. Our country is losing its sovereignty.