Some D.C. residents think the Democratic Party has moved too far left following its losses in Virginia, Fox News reports.

”Democrats are in disarray right now,” one Washingtonian having lunch in Georgetown told the news outlet.

A woman said Democrats “are clearly trying to figure out where they should be.”

This week’s elections were proof of that. Republican Glenn Youngkin edged out Democrat Terry McAuliffe in Virginia’s gubernatorial race after trailing in the polls for months while Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy narrowly won reelection in his reliably blue state.

The GOP’s strength extended to down-ballot contests in Virginia, including the lieutenant governor’s race, which Winsome Sears won, becoming the first woman and Black woman to win statewide office.

The two states’ results were particularly alarming to Democrats because of where they happened. President Joe Biden carried Virginia by 10 points last year. He took New Jersey by more than 15. To Democrats, neither state was seen as especially competitive when this year’s campaigns began.

”Definitely too far left, especially for their Black base,” one woman told Fox News in reference to progressives’ impact on the party. ”We just haven’t seen the support for things that matter to us.”

The man having lunch told Fox: ”I think the Democrats have lost the center.”

”I mean, look at Biden. He lost,” the man continued. ”He ran as a moderate and a centrist. But he just went to the far left because he tried to appease the liberals in Congress. The people are confused.”

One person told Fox News it wasn’t clear what direction the party was moving toward.

”I certainly hear the conventional wisdom saying the party made a dramatic left turn,” one D.C. resident told Fox News. ”In my mind, it’s not clear yet.”