A recent revelation suggests that the FBI searched for records that President Donald Trump believed would clear him of election-related suspicions of cooperation with Russia. The unidentified intelligence officers who made the report.

The FBI gathered all the records that belonged to the government and used concerns about classified records to support the raid, but agents were searching for Trump’s private collection of records pertaining to the allegations of Russian collusion against him out of concern that he would use them as a weapon. According to a former Trump employee, he may have intended to use the records as support for a future presidential campaign.

The official claimed that Trump was especially interested in issues pertaining to the Russia hoax and the wrongdoings of the deep state and that he may have planned to use the materials in a 2024 presidential campaign.

These records, which Trump had been gathering from the beginning of his presidency, were the real aim.

On declassifying the Crossfire Hurricane materials, Trump issued a memo.

This is consistent with the earlier article by journalist Paul Sperry.

Investigators reportedly met with Trump and his attorneys in June to review documents in a Mar-a-Lago storage facility, and everything appeared to be going smoothly until weeks later when the FBI conducted raids. FBI had a personal stake, according to rumors on Capitol Hill, and was looking for secret documents relating to its Spygate affair.

In other words, it appears to be evidence that the charges against him were falsely made.