Yesterday, the United States inexplicably pulled out of Afghanistan with time left on the clock, leaving the war-torn country a day early even as Americans remained trapped behind enemy lines. Joe Biden had stated that we would remain until every American was rescued. However, this promise has been broken. This adds to the list of failures that have tarnished the administration’s credibility.

Yet, amidst a sea of untruths, one exchange continues to stand out as perhaps the defining moment for the Biden administration during this entire, tragic ordeal. Jen Psaki laughed off the idea that Americans were stuck in Afghanistan when she was pressed by Fox News’ Peter Doocy.

It was shocking to see the disconnect with reality and the arrogance of the Taliban at that time. There were widespread reports that Americans couldn’t get to the airport, and that the Taliban were exploiting those who did. Psaki was not content to repeat the company line and tried to shame Doocy by asking what could be done. He also tried to obfuscate from the question to debate semantics in a Bill Clinton-esque manner. After his MSNBC appearance this morning, it was an offensive, gross spectacle that has Psaki now playing the fool.

John Kirby, Who Represents The Pentagon, now admits that Americans are in Afghanistan and have no other options than to negotiate with the Taliban. Surprisingly, Kirby tried to portray it as business as usual, even though Kirby made that shocking admission.

This is your warning: The chutzpah displayed here is something to behold.

In case you’re keeping track, in a matter of a week we have gone from Psaki sneering at the idea that Americans are stranded to Pentagon saying that Americans are always stranded. Despite their best efforts, the administration’s massive contradictions on this subject cannot be ignored.

What’s the plan, now that Psaki’s claims are completely debunked? It doesn’t seem like there is much of a plan. Instead, we wrote a strong-worded letter to Taliban in hopes that they will see us as more than just radical fundamentalists. Let me translate: We are going to attempt to bribe the Taliban to keep them out of harm’s path. You will have a lot of success.

This is a situation that was not meant to be. The Taliban gave us the opportunity to secure Kabul and to execute an orderly, safe evacuation. We let terrorists manage security, resulting in 13 American soldiers being killed. In the end, the mission was not accomplished. Americans were left behind and that’s something the Biden administration cannot ignore.