Former Acting Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli said there are good reasons Republican Glenn Youngkin is beating out Democrat Terry McAuliffe for governor of Virgina.

Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general, made his comments in a column posted by Fox News on Friday.

“I have won statewide in Virginia, and I have lost statewide in Virginia, and right now – less than one week out from Election Day – Virginia feels like victory for the GOP,” he said.

“Youngkin’s campaign has successfully kept the focus on things that matter to every Virginian: education, public safety, and jobs. And while the economy is always a top issue, the deep — and often shocking — divide between the candidates on education and public safety has driven enthusiasm among independents and Republicans in support of Youngkin.

“And for the first time, McAuliffe has a record of performance from his first term as governor. And it is not a record to boast about — rising murders and sexual assaults; stagnant economic leadership that lagged behind sister states; and badly declining educational performance under McAuliffe’s ‘unions-first’ leadership.

“That’s a record McAuliffe has to run from not run on.”

Cuccinelli pointed to the last debate between the two candidates and said, “Terry forcefully declared that parents have no business telling school boards what to teach their kids.”

He compared McAuliffe’s “exclude parents” approach to Youngkin “include parents” approach.

“Youngkin is fighting alongside all those Momma Bears trying to protect their children, while McAuliffe is fighting with all those Momma Bears. Which side would you want to be on?”

Cuccinelli claimed the enthusiasm for Youngkin’s campaign is “palpable.”

“You can feel it in the air here in Virginia,” he said. “Independents are breaking for Youngkin, and the more people know about the race and the candidates, the better Youngkin does.”

Meanwhile, Youngkin has surged to an 8-point lead in a Fox News poll. The survey showed Youngkin drew 53% support to McAuliffe’s 45%.