Democrats got a “wake-up call” with Republicans taking so many races in Tuesday’s election, and if they move forward with their massive reconciliation spending bill, that shows they’re “deaf to what the American public is expecting of them,” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday. 

“What it tells you is policy matters,” the California Republican said on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom.” “Who you listen to and what you fight for matters … the wokeism, not listening to parents but listening to politicians; they have seen this coming.”

McCarthy added that Vice President Kamala Harris was right when she was campaigning for Democrat Terry McAuliffe, who lost the race for governor of Virginia to Republican Glenn Youngkin, as she predicted the commonwealth’s race will be an indicator of what will happen in the 2022 and 2024 federal races. 

He added that New Jersey’s race, where the race for governor between Gov. Phil Murphy, a Democrat, and his GOP challenger, Jack Ciattarelli, remains too close to call. 

“In 1993, they both went Republican and the House flipped in 1994,” McCarthy said. “In 2005, they both went Democrat and the House flipped to Democrats in 2006. In 2009, they both went Republican and they flipped to Republican in the House,” said McCarthy. “Now we see a path that’s even larger.”

Meanwhile, McCarthy said he won’t just invite Youngkin to speak with House Republicans, but he “invested in his campaign.”

“I contributed more than $25,000,” he said. “I invested in the state House. They won the governor’s race, attorney general, lieutenant governor, breaking ceilings in the lieutenant governor race. They also flipped the House of Delegates down there.

“I invested in that as well. What they were doing was optimistic. They believed tomorrow would be better than today and showed how they could do it.”

Democrats, meanwhile, were “running about the past,” he said. “They were encouraging the attorney general to go after parents. They were ignoring the border and letting more people across.

“They wanted to spend trillions more dollars that costs everybody more money and Glenn Youngkin said ‘we’ll lower the tax so you don’t pay as much for your groceries.'”

McAuliffe also brought up former President Donald Trump often to attack Youngkin, but “everybody wants to see an election about what’s best going forward,” said McCarthy. “I think the Republican Party is united.

“You have people supporting Trump, people who didn’t, but the one thing they do like they saw the difference in policies from the last 10 months to the policies today.”

McCarthy then added, “The only policies they were doing was harming the Americans, and that’s why it became a uniting force.”