The public school system evolved from the Boston Latin School, which was founded as the first public high school in 1635, Boston, Massachusetts, to the failing social justice portals and low expectations of public schools in 2021.

Due to the requirement to learn remotely, the COVID pandemic has created an excess amount of stress in the system. This has led to depression, suicides, and lower grades.

The school mandates vaccines for children, but parents are upset that less than 2 percent of children infected with the coronavirus are admitted to the hospital, and fewer of those who are infected are killed by the virus.

Despite all the scientific evidence, COVID panic on CA campuses is forcing teachers and school administrators to make decisions in accordance with all new laws.

Source has informed El American Paper:

A school shooting threat was made against Watts Middle School, Los Angeles, CA, at 3:00 PM PST on Wednesday, December 8.

Since the threat was made after school hours, there was no immediate danger to school students, but an investigation was underway immediately as to the credibility of the threat. From what we understand, that investigation is ongoing with the school mentioned.

To protect students and school staff from this threat, a police presence was required at the school campus. On Thursday, December 9, police arrived early and met with school administrators.

It is not clear what exactly happened at that exact moment. Angelique Sims, the school director, asked the police officers if the proof of vaccination was valid. She cited school policy/mandate. After the police replied that they didn’t have proof of vaccination, Sims, the school director, instructed them that, per school policy, they couldn’t be allowed onto campus if they weren’t vaccinated. The police left the school campus.

Both students and staff at the school were left vulnerable and defenseless in the face of any attack. It is not known if the investigation by local police into the threat against the school has been completed. We also reached out to Dymally High School’s Principal. He did not respond to our inquiry and was redirected to LAUSD admin.

El American reached out to Watts Middle School via email and phone for comments. The incident has not been confirmed.